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Frequently Asked Questions

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Eden Therapy Center's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Call 952-234-9210, or send us an email.

What will happen at my first appointment?

You will be asked to review the information that you provided about yourself and your situation.  The therapist will discuss any concerns you have, and you will begin the therapeutic relationship – building trust and rapport between you.

How often do I come in for appointments?

Most of our clients find that weekly appointments are helpful. However, it is entirely up to you and the therapist as you design your plan for wellness.  Appointments may be scheduled anywhere from once a week to once a month depending on your needs.

What are my rights as a client?

The information here details your rights as a client. The informed consent document reviewed during the intake process will also detail your rights as a client. Please bring any questions you may have to discuss with your therapist.

Do I need a referral from insurance to be seen at your clinic?

No.  Most health insurance plans allow you to simply make an appointment and a referral is not needed.   Most insurance companies have Eden Therapy Center listed on their provider search network. Click on your specific insurance company’s provider network below to verify.


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