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Massage Therapy can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and unwanted stressors.

The benefits of massage therapy go beyond providing an experience that feels good physically. Massage therapy has a positive physical impact while also having a strong positive impact on the mind. Research is still growing in the link between massage therapy and mental health but there are some things that are known. Many studies have focused on how massage therapy can be effective in reducing negative symptomology related to mental health. Throughout various studies, some common themes have remained consistent. Massage therapy can be a useful intervention to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and can generally improve an individual’s mental health.

Feelings of stress and anxiety are common in daily life and managing these feelings can be difficult. Massage therapy has been reported to reduce symptoms of anxiety and unwanted stressors. One way that massage therapy reduces anxiety symptoms is through relaxation and reduction of muscle tension in the body. Additionally, some patients who have used massage therapy as an intervention reported higher levels of self-confidence in their daily life as well. Overall, the symptoms of anxiety that individuals experienced decreased by 25.5%.

Depressive symptoms are also able to be alleviated throughout the use of massage therapy. In a study done right here in Minnesota, the researchers found that in over 400 massage therapy sessions, 95% of individuals rated their experience to be “very satisfied” or “satisfied.” Additionally, the rate at which individuals within the study experienced their depressive symptoms decreased by 32.7%.

Physical benefits of massage therapy include better quality of sleep, reduced muscle tension, reduced pain, improved circulation, and more! At Eden Therapy Center we are excited to offer massage therapy services, helping us strive towards our goal of providing holistic benefits for the body and the mind.

Appointments can be scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

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