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Massage Therapist

I am blessed to have a talent of massage so I may help people in relieving stress and pain in their lives. Benefits of massage are essential to peace of mind and wellbeing of body. The relief of tension, stress, and pain are key components to a holistic life.

For my history, I was born and raised in Thailand. My family was very poor, so my siblings and I had to go around in the community asking for food, working whenever we could. As a child I learned to care for the other members of my family and found comfort in knowing they were being taken care of. When I came to America in 2004, I was then able to help even more by sending money back to my family.

I studied Thai massage in Thailand and brought those talents with me when I came to America. Once in America I studied and became certified to perform therapeutic massage to people in need. I am licensed in Minnesota as a Massage Therapist.
The same passion and caring for my family is also what I bring to my clients. I care for people and find great joy in being able to help. I love to listen and comfort people with friendly conversation if the client wishes or I can simply provide a quiet and peaceful break from the stress and rush of life.

During my time off I enjoy nature walks especially when it comes time for mushroom season. They are key to a great soup. I also really enjoy volunteering to help elderly people at nursing homes. It is so rewarding to provide some sunshine in their life.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you and creating with you a therapeutic massage program that can truly improve the wellbeing of your mind and body.


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